Saturday, September 28, 2013

Winning Lotto By Terry Fisher Review The Truth!

Winning Lotto By Terry Fisher says his Winning Lotto books will give you the big cutting edge lottery secrets that made him a lottery winner. Terry Fisher (most likely not his real name) says he did win $1,008,742, $1,374,196, $76,500, plus numerous other 5-figure winnings, yet there is no real legit verifiable proof. Terry Fisher also claims he will give you his stunning strategies for success that will explode your lotto results, of course at a high cost. 

Here is where the system red flags appear. If you look very closely at the lottery checks on his sales page (page may have changed again to cover this up) that he says are his proof he wins the lottery with his system, you can see when zoomed in, they are totally fake! We ourselves and others have found some of the original cheques and the names on them are different, this is very shady marketing selling tactic and he was caught red handed. Did Terry Fisher really think that no one would notice this big deception? Is Terry Fisher really a two-time winner or is he actually a two-time loser misleading people to sell a nonsense non-winning lottery system? I think you already know the answer.

We also found other articles stating that he is a con artist and is on a scam list which was verified to be true. He also sells his lottery system Winning Lotto through Click Bank for about $50 where all the shady marketers sell their fake lottery systems. If a lottery system is selling through Click Bank, most people already know to avoid it. All the lottery system review sites report Winning Lotto, LottoMasta, 1000 Weeks Of Lotto as being non-winning lottery systems sold by Terry Fisher. We searched high and low and cannot find even a single legit person who has used one of his systems and won the lottery, so the proof we found backs up all the bad reviews on his systems.

The truth is, there are a few very good reputable verified winning lottery systems not sold by shady marketers that many have reported giving excellent lottery win rates.

Here are the two best rated systems in the world that have solid verified winners and both placed first and second best winning systems in the world by actual lottery winners poll votes: Smart Play Lotto Wheels and Lotto Guy Lottery System. These two lottery systems are verified as legit tested and proven systems. They are not sold through Click Bank, they are both highly recommended for all pick 5 or pick 6 lottery games worldwide (Lotto Guy System also for Pick 7 Lotto Games). There are a few other systems that may work OK, but these two systems are the BEST!

Just to re-cap, this so-called lottery expert Terry Fisher, also sells two other lottery systems called 1000 weeks of lotto and lottoMasta plus possibly others we are not aware of.  All lottery system review sites warn you about these systems as they all contain free lottery information off of the Internet, contains nothing special that wins lotteries. Terry Fisher just hypes up these systems, uses fake cheques etc to fool people into thinking his systems are special when they are not. To really win the lottery, you really need to use a good verified winning system to actually increase your odds to win for real, or you will not get the lottery results you are looking for and that is a FACT!.