Monday, October 14, 2013

Win The Lottery Winning Lottery Wheels

Win the lottery winning lottery wheels, is simply a very smart and easy way to increase your winning potential. Just Imagine having a lottery system or lottery strategy that can really secure winning number combinations with outstanding superior accuracy and plus do it in an easy to use manner. If you are not having any great lottery winning success with your usual playing methods, it's really time for a change, for the better.

Here is some very good news for you, if you are looking for such a system to up-grade to. A newer Tested and Proven lottery wheeling system called Smart Play Lotto Wheels was released a short time ago and is already gaining a great reputation for giving lottery players amazing winning results for all pick 5 lotto and pick 6 lotto games. With this superior well proven wheeling system YOU can decide whether you want to take it to the Max and play all out with their Max Play Lottery Wheels or you can just play a smaller amount of lines or number combinations with their Budget and Conservative lottery wheels. You the lottery player are in much more in control with this excellent system. Besides these wheels being verified tested and proven wheels, that all have won lottery money, they also apply special win rate boosting strategy, which I believe is the reason for their highly effective win rates. 
  • No complex hard to understand wheeling system, wheels are in a simple code format great for first time lottery players.
  • No confusing pens and paper calculations ( simple pen and paper system so you can see what you are doing and to apply the special strategy).
  • Smart Play is a No high cost to low win ratio as most systems, even though they all seem to make big winning claims, yet no proof.
Smart Play Lotto Wheeling system has been shown to give a high majority of lottery players regular accelerated winnings playing lotto games like California Lottery Superlotto Plus, Florida Lotto, Florida Powerball, UK Lotto, National Lottery, Australian Monday Lotto, Australian Powerball, Colorado Lottery, Ohio Lottery Rolling Cash 5, Lotto 6/49, Quebec 49, Texas Lotto, New york Lottery, Take 5 Lotto, Virginia Lottery Decades Of Dollars, Georgia Lottery, Ohio Lottery, Malaysian Lottery, French Lottery, and many other lotto games as well, so well verified!

Yes of course, there are other lottery wheeling systems that do OK at producing very small results at best, but no other wheeling system seems to match the lottery winning power of Smart Play Lotto Wheels at giving you more consistent lottery winning numbers.

See where the Smart Play Lotto Wheeling System place on the best winning lottery system official poll results below. Smart Play took 22% of the winning votes, placing it in second place worldwide over many other lottery systems and it is a nice and easy system to use.

 You can forget get about using lottery quick picks, random self picked lottery numbers, or the silly hyped-up lottery systems all claiming to be developed by a math professor of some type or revealing a secret code, or even a Lottery Retailer, or free lottery systems (they do nothing that is why they are free) These types of systems are really for suckers who will buy solely on the silly hype. If you are going to gamble your money playing the lottery, you MUST use a real legit winning system, to get real legit lottery winning results, it’s that simple and that is your secret blueprint to win the lottery for real!

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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Lotto Guy Lottery System Top Ranked

The Lotto Guy Lottery System is a top ranked system, now known as the worlds best winning lottery system. Tons of users of this lotto odds increasing system have reported great winning success and feedback, which is very powerful insight. There is no secret blue print or formula to win lottery games, it just takes a good designed real lottery system to boost your win rates to higher levels than what is normal. This is what you need to up your chances to hit larger winnings, including increased chance to hit the big lottery jackpot. The Lotto Guy Lottery System is designed in such a way that it can increase your odds to win draw after draw, if you uses it consistently and correctly.

How good is this Lotto Guy Lottery System? First off, the system has won by poll votes best winning lottery system two times which is outstanding! Also many of the systems competitors are using the name Lotto Guy Lottery System falsely for titles of articles not related to the system, they know how good the system is. These false titles then direct you to a completely different website selling another system, which is a clear sign of a shady tactic to sell a inferior system. They want to use the top system, lotto guy lottery system to lean on. I guess if your lottery system was completely useless you would try to lie to get sales also, at least you now know the real truth.

Here is evidence of the reason the Lotto Guy Lottery System is the worlds best system. The official poll results reveal the real truth on some of these main lottery systems. See where the lotto guy lottery system ranks? The lotto guy system is top ranked number one system, this is due to real lottery winners who used the system and actually won lottery games.

The lotto Guy lottery System definitely has the best pure winning leverage over any other lottery system in the world and that is a proven FACT! This is the most respected system to use if you play any pick 5, pick 6 or pick 7 lottery game world-wide. Real true facts do not lie as many other systems use false winning claims to draw you in, this is not the case with the Lotto Guy System, in fact, affiliates cannot even sell this system, which is another sign the system works and is very legit!

Now looking at your own lottery playing history, why aren't you winning more frequently? The problem is always related to the lotto strategy or system used. If you do not use a system or strategy, then obviously you cannot expect much in the way of winning any draws. Granted no system or strategy can guarantee you great winnings, but the true fact is, some strategies or lottery systems such as Lotto Guy Lottery System, can definitely improve your odds or chances to win the lottery to a much higher degree and that is the honest truth!

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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Winning Lotto By Terry Fisher Review The Truth!

Winning Lotto By Terry Fisher says his Winning Lotto books will give you the big cutting edge lottery secrets that made him a lottery winner. Terry Fisher (most likely not his real name) says he did win $1,008,742, $1,374,196, $76,500, plus numerous other 5-figure winnings, yet there is no real legit verifiable proof. Terry Fisher also claims he will give you his stunning strategies for success that will explode your lotto results, of course at a high cost. 

Here is where the system red flags appear. If you look very closely at the lottery checks on his sales page (page may have changed again to cover this up) that he says are his proof he wins the lottery with his system, you can see when zoomed in, they are totally fake! We ourselves and others have found some of the original cheques and the names on them are different, this is very shady marketing selling tactic and he was caught red handed. Did Terry Fisher really think that no one would notice this big deception? Is Terry Fisher really a two-time winner or is he actually a two-time loser misleading people to sell a nonsense non-winning lottery system? I think you already know the answer.

We also found other articles stating that he is a con artist and is on a scam list which was verified to be true. He also sells his lottery system Winning Lotto through Click Bank for about $50 where all the shady marketers sell their fake lottery systems. If a lottery system is selling through Click Bank, most people already know to avoid it. All the lottery system review sites report Winning Lotto, LottoMasta, 1000 Weeks Of Lotto as being non-winning lottery systems sold by Terry Fisher. We searched high and low and cannot find even a single legit person who has used one of his systems and won the lottery, so the proof we found backs up all the bad reviews on his systems.

The truth is, there are a few very good reputable verified winning lottery systems not sold by shady marketers that many have reported giving excellent lottery win rates.

Here are the two best rated systems in the world that have solid verified winners and both placed first and second best winning systems in the world by actual lottery winners poll votes: Smart Play Lotto Wheels and Lotto Guy Lottery System. These two lottery systems are verified as legit tested and proven systems. They are not sold through Click Bank, they are both highly recommended for all pick 5 or pick 6 lottery games worldwide (Lotto Guy System also for Pick 7 Lotto Games). There are a few other systems that may work OK, but these two systems are the BEST!

Just to re-cap, this so-called lottery expert Terry Fisher, also sells two other lottery systems called 1000 weeks of lotto and lottoMasta plus possibly others we are not aware of.  All lottery system review sites warn you about these systems as they all contain free lottery information off of the Internet, contains nothing special that wins lotteries. Terry Fisher just hypes up these systems, uses fake cheques etc to fool people into thinking his systems are special when they are not. To really win the lottery, you really need to use a good verified winning system to actually increase your odds to win for real, or you will not get the lottery results you are looking for and that is a FACT!.

Friday, September 27, 2013

How To Win The Lottery The Smart Way

How to win the lottery the smart way, is there really a smart lottery winning strategy that can increase you chances to win? Yes! But hold on, there is also is a stupid way to try and win the lottery. The smart way to win lotteries is by using a verified Tested and Proven winning lottery system also known as lotto strategy. The stupid way to try and win the lottery is by using silly non-winning strategies, tips or systems. I will teach you how to tell the difference between the smart way to play the lottery and the stupid way, separating fact from fiction.

This is a very straight forward approach to telling, or actually showing the difference between a good and bad lottery system, which is the number one strategy to use for real winning success. If you are not using a good winning strategy or system, you will definitely need to change the way you play the lotto, or simply be left behind with the rest of the wanna be lottery winners. 

First off, if the lottery system sales page is giving you a silly scenario, such as a person has cracked a secret lottery code, or a person has stumbled upon a secret way or formula to win lotteries, or is claiming to be some Professor or Math Genius that has developed a special system to win the lottery 9 out of 10 draws, you can pretty much assume the system is most likely fake! Now the second thing you should checkout is, does the lottery system in question you are looking to buy have affiliate sellers that can also sell the system to earn commissions. If the system is sold through a place like Click Bank for instance, it definitely has affiliates selling the system and is very bad sign when it concerns lottery systems, why? For one, if a lottery system is as good as it claims to be at winning the lottery, the seller would be winning lotteries and making big money from their own system, they simply would not need affiliates to sell the system. Lottery systems that have affiliates selling it are only designed to make money for the seller and affiliates, they do not win lotteries! Also systems with affiliates sellers cannot ever be trusted for reviews as the affiliates will be writing good reviews on the system to ensure sales, even if the system is pure garbage, they win, YOU WILL LOSE!
This is another reason why we only recommend a few lottery systems that actually work well and that real lottery winners actually use and recommend. You can see real solid proof for yourself on the latest best winning lotto systems poll results below.

 Most lottery systems sold today are basically useless copies of other useless systems made up by misleading marketers looking for a fast buck. This is repeated over and over, so it would be smart to choose a lottery system that is actually legit and has no affiliates selling it. The highest recommended system is the Lotto Guy Lottery System by far as seen by official poll results, which cannot be faked like testimonials and so on, as seen on many lottery system sales pages. There are a few other good winning systems that you can consider to use, but start at the top, that is how to win the lottery the smart way!

To have real success winning any pick 5 or pick 6 lottery game such as Powerball, UK Lotto, Florida Lotto, New York Lottery, Texas Lotto, California Lottery, Mega Millions, Euro Millions, Fantasy 5, Ohio Lottery, PA Lottery, even Australian Lottery and so on, you need the verified winning strategies or systems, that really can boost your odds to win lotto more frequently, or you are really just wasting your money and time. Jumping from system to system takes money and a lot of time to finally realize that system is not working, then doing it again with yet another system, it's a money wasting cycle. Get a good lottery system that is rated high by real winners the first time around and stick with it! There is no better advice to give you, than this solid rule to help you win the lottery.

Need more proof of good and bad winning system always check it out with a reputable trusted lottery system review site if needed.

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Thursday, September 26, 2013

How To Win The Lottery Jackpot

How to win the lottery jackpot is really what most of use what to learn, as lottery winning success does not come easy! Do you play the lottery draw after draw with little to no success at winning? Then you site there and wonder what you can do to increase your odds to win the lottery, am I right? There are some very powerful lottery winning tips that really do work to win the lottery! Using solid proven tips or lottery winning strategies when playing lottery games, can seriously increase your odds to win the lottery and possibly the jackpot!

 Just getting a few quick pick lottery tickets every lottery draw, or playing self picked random lottery numbers is not going to give you good lottery winnings, you would be on the wrong path to being an actual lottery winner. Lottery winners use only proven test tips or strategies to give them an advantage in winning lottery games as Powerball, Mega Millions, Florida Powerball, Florida Lottery, New York Lotto, California Lottery, Lotto Max, Pa Lottery Lotto 649, UK Lotto, Australian Lottery, South African Lottery, Malaysian Lottery, Texas Lotto, and so on, this is how they win big while others win virtually nothing.

 Here is a few lottery tips to apply to improve your chances of winning the lottery. Your odds to win will be better if you choose a lottery game to play with the smallest number of  lottery numbers/balls. For example a lotto 6/49 lottery game is better to play than a 7/49 lottery game, as the odds to win are better right off the bat. Another lottery tip is you should be playing more lottery tickets, this again will increase your odds to win even further. Also, never use lottery number patterns in a row as 2,3,4,5,6 or 14,15,16, 17, 18 these will rarely hit in that sequence, mix them up a little and only play one lottery game at a time.

 These lottery tips will seriously increase your odds to win more and it really is a must do! You need to use a good winning strategy also known as a lottery system, the hard part is finding a good lottery system that actual works. The truth is, most lottery systems are pure junk and are usually developed by shady marketers, these types of systems will do very little to help you win any lottery game. Here are some good solid tips to follow that will save you money and time when looking for a good lottery system.
  • Forget about lottery software prediction systems (past drawn number systems), they all do not work as claimed, all just money making gimmicks to get the seller rich not you. These systems all get their data free online then sell it to you, you can just get it free yourself if want it that bad, but will only increase your win rate a little, just a tad more than random lottery numbers.
  • Lottery systems that says "has a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee or Refund", walk away this is usually nonsense, just used to draw you in! This is usually a gimmick used by shady marketers and 99% of the time you will not get the refund, just think about it, it is a gambling product that cannot be guaranteed, so how can they give a refund every person would want a refund, they would never make a sale, this is just common sense and there has been many complaints of this happening.
  • Lottery systems sold through places as Click Bank are usually false or fake systems, so again walk away, it will most likely be a marketer selling the system along with many affiliates, which is a clear sign the system is a gimmick. These type systems are only designed to make the seller and affiliates money not you. They are all very hyped up usually contain fake photos, false advertising, phony scenarios, and a high cost as they want to get rich from suckers that do not know any better. 
  So what lottery systems should you using to increase your odds to win? The system MUST be Tested and it MUST be Proven in real world use or it is virtually useless. For real proof of good winning systems checkout the latest best winning lottery system poll official results. This will show you real systems that real lottery winners are using.

  The best systems to use in order from best to just ok are as follows according to real lottery winners:
  • The Lotto Guy Lottery System. This excellent 3 step system won the best winning lottery system by poll votes and is developed by real techs, no silly shady marketers and no affiliates can sell this legit system.
  • Smart Play Lotto Wheels. All the lottery wheels provided in the system are verified tested and proven to give real lottery winning results, all the wheels have won actual lottery games.
  • Gail Howard Smart Luck. While the reviews are not nearly as good as Smart Play Wheels, they seem to work ok for some players. Ok as a third option.
 These are the lottery systems that serious lottery players use to win the lottery, much more frequently with and you should be using one or more of these systems to boost your win rates, it's simply a No Brainer! Lottery systems are in fact the ONLY tool that can improve your chances to win and that my friends is How To Win The Lottery Jackpot!!

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